Ingenious Life Hack: How To Look After Children And Get Enough Sleep, Of course, children are the flowers of life, but sometimes you want to relax from them and sleep for at least a couple of hours. And this enterprising father from the USA was able to combine seemingly absolutely incompatible things: to look after the children and get enough sleep. Michael (the name of the protagonist of the story) shared a brilliant life hack that will be useful to young parents.
Once, Monica (Michael's wife) returned home and found a sweetly breathing father and four children who obediently sat and painted in their albums. The picture is at least fantastic. As it turned out, the children painted a picture in the style of realism, and the cunning dad acted as a model.

Michael promised them a sweet prize, and he went to bed before his wife arrived. And the plan worked! As a result, the dad became the winner of the contest, because he was finally able to sleep normally. And he fulfilled the request of his wife and occupied the children with a good deed. You can once again be convinced that laziness in combination with a flexible mind is the strongest combination.

In social networks, Michael was called the genius and father of the year!