Japanese beauty company has created artificial leather. It can just be "sprayed" on the face, For only 500 dollars. Innovation invented by Kao scientists
The large Japanese corporation Kao, which owns many beauty brands, including the popular brands Sensai and Oribe, presented an interesting innovation - the Future Skin system for skin care. This is a gadget and cosmetics that help to create a "second skin" - the thinnest, invisible to the film of sub-microfiber, which protects the real skin from environmental influences and allows skin care to work better.
"Artificial leather" first appeared in the collection of the Sensai brand. A serum and nebulizer kit costs $ 500 and is already sold in major Japanese department stores.
Development Director Kao Yoshiro Hasebe says the technology has been developed for 25 years. It is called Biomimesis Veil - a biomimetic veil. It consists of fibers and polymers, very thin, invisible on the skin, able to move with it. Such skin care allows the serum to penetrate deeper and work more intensively while you sleep, and during the day it protects against contact with the environment. Innovation is especially important for people with sensitive skin and allergies, as it protects the skin from contact with irritants.