House in the rural landscape of Spain - The design bureau Arnau Estudi d'Arquitectura presented a private house in the village of Santa Pau in Spain. It was built in a corner of happiness, where beautiful nature and ancient landscapes have been preserved, and the usual smoke from the pipes of neighboring houses is part of everyday life in this rapidly changing world. In this house, the family enjoys nature and simple things. He is like a time machine - seeks to keep the precious landscape forever unchanged.
Family residence adapted to the terrain. Elements such as a garage, a swimming pool, a pedestrian walkway or an inclined wall in the background that follows a steep slope form a flat surface. And on top is an autonomous rectangular volume that performs the minimum functions of a living space in a single open-plan space. So, in the south, a living room, a dining room and a relaxation room are designed, and behind a thick wall in the north there are toilets and an entrance.
This architectural object transforms its relations with the environment as the seasons change through a filter of vegetation on the river bank. And fearing the fleetingness of this beauty, the house rests uncertainly on the hillside, like an owl, ready to fly on.