The British from childhood was full, but decided to change - and lost weight so that her mother does not recognize her.
British Elizabeth Watkins managed to lose weight so that her own mother does not recognize - in the literal sense! According to the girl, earlier she weighed 169 kilograms and could not lead a normal life, but after the operation she managed to lose 95 kilograms and change so much that acquaintances could not get used to.
British Elizabeth Watkins showed how she changed after losing weight.
It was hard for the girl to get out of bed or sofa, and her personal life suffered - she did not have a serious relationship, and one could only dream of self-confidence. According to Elizabeth, she was lucky that out loud people did not comment on her appearance, but their views spoke for themselves.
Despite this, Elizabeth tried to protect herself from others:
I hid from people and built myself a safe world where I only talked with those who knew me. I abstracted from everything that could make me move out of my comfort zone.
The girl's menu in those days was far from PP
Elizabeth skipped breakfast, and then could eat a large packet of chips and chocolate bar for lunch. Then there was an afternoon snack of cake and cookies, which the girl washed down with tea with three cubes of sugar. For dinner, she was waiting for two large portions of food - sometimes home-made, sometimes from delivery. Well, all the free time between the approaches to the refrigerator, the girl also filled with sweets, chocolates and ice cream.
Elizabeth found out that her friend had a gastric bypass surgery, and also decided to try
Weighing at that time 169 kilograms, the girl decided to have surgery in May 2017. But she didn't hope for her - Elizabeth significantly reduced her daily calorie intake (to 700) and completely changed her attitude to food. At first, the girl lost 6 kilograms per month, but then she slightly increased the number of calories - up to 1200 per day. Thanks to surgery and a change in nutrition, in January 2019, Elizabeth weighed 74 kilograms.
The girl's efforts paid off, and now she is happy with her result

During this time, Elizabeth managed not only to lose weight, but also to fall in love and get engaged!
The girl has changed so that her mother does not even recognize her
Few people recognize a girl, even their own mother - according to Elizabeth, a woman can sometimes accidentally pass by her. Well, in addition, the girl again began to communicate with her two old friends - according to her, before she was not the best friend.
As Elizabeth told Mirror, losing weight has changed her whole life:
I was able to leave home, travel, walked 100 thousand steps in a week. I made friends with strangers who walked the same path as me.
I feel alive, as if I can do anything. For me it's not just weight loss of 95 kilograms - as if I got a life, and I'm going to live it to the fullest!
And the story of Elizabeth is another example of how everything works out - if you really want to!