Drug Addicts In Russia Will Finally Begin To Be Treated Forcibly Or Imprisoned - For a long time we were told that drug addiction is a disease and we must treat sympathizers with sympathy, feel sorry for them and the state itself has no complaints about them. The maximum that the police can do in relation to the drug addict is 15 days of arrest, but this rarely happens. So they walk around us, "addict" and nightmare others. Just yesterday, I personally encountered a similar ...
A sister cannot sell an apartment because a drug addict lives on a stairwell. Yes, it's not violent, but all buyers who find out about it refuse or are seriously trying to lower the price. By law, nothing can be done with it. But this is the least inconvenience that drug addicts generally deliver to others.
At the moment, the legislation of Russia is an absurd situation - it is strictly forbidden to interact with drugs (carry, buy, sell, store, make), but you can use them almost with impunity.

Judge for yourself:

228 article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation - up to 15 years for illegal acquisition, storage, transportation, manufacture of narcotic drugs.
228.1 of the Criminal Code - until life imprisonment for illegal production, marketing, shipment.
230 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation - up to 15 years for declining to use narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances or their analogues.
But for the use of everything that is strictly forbidden to be acquired, stored, transported and forwarded, as well as manufactured and offered to other persons - responsibility in the form of a fine of up to five thousand rubles or administrative arrest for up to fifteen days (Part 1 of Article 6.9 of the Code of Administrative Offenses) RF). Wow, how scary!

Well, you see, it's nonsense, when you can get five years for a drug in your pocket, and for the same drug that was quickly sent inside the body at the sight of the police - fifteen days! Agree, the absurd situation!
According to common sense, before using a drug, a person must inevitably first buy it, and then store it for some time (from half an hour to a period of any duration) and, in the absolute majority of cases, also transport it (after all, from a dealer or a "bookmark" »Still need to get home). Any, absolutely any drug addict automatically becomes guilty of these three jurisdictional actions.

In practice, such an imbalance of responsibility boils down to the fact that the Criminal and Administrative Codes, as it were, say plain text to drug addicts: don't get caught! And if you get caught, swallow the entire supply, the nonsense inside the body is legally less dangerous than the nonsense in your pocket.

And someone doubts that any drug addict is a potential threat to a healthy person? And this threat is more expressed in constant "agitation" to draw others into your "drug addiction". And often they succeed.

It seems to me that the FACT of drug addiction itself was the basis for isolating the addict from society. Then, in principle, the constant struggle with the huge industry of "bookmarks", secret chat rooms, etc. will disappear. They discovered that you are a drug addict - that's all, this is where your drug addiction ends either in a hospital or behind bars.

And in the Russian Federation, criminal liability may appear for people who use drugs and refuse compulsory treatment. Amendments to the Criminal Code are already being prepared by State Duma deputy Oleg Nilov. At the moment, according to the law, the court can send a citizen with a diagnosis of drug addiction to compulsory treatment in a closed licensed rehabilitation center. However, many simply ignore this court decision. It is proposed to introduce criminal liability for this category of citizens, which provides for imprisonment of four to six months.

Do you think it makes sense to tighten the punishment here?