The beach in California was covered with a strange penis fish - In the state of California, a considerable amount of an outlandish worm was washed ashore, which is popularly called the "penis fish." The number of worms is so huge that there is simply nowhere to set foot on. Americans cannot understand what actually made this species of animals leave deep waters and end up on land.
The world is full of strange creatures that we personally almost never meet in real life. One of the stories like happened in the state of California - there, a huge number of deep sea dwellers threw themselves ashore, which were popularly nicknamed the "fish-penis", because it externally has certain similar forms to the male genital organ. In fact, this is not a fish, but a species of sea worms, and the official name of the creature is absent in European languages, so the Latin version of Urechis unicinctus is used. This can be translated as Urechis single-belt.
These worms are consumed by the population of East Asia (Japan and Korea), which considers them a delicacy. Often, Urechis unicinctus is served on the table with cheese, salt and sesame oil, and it is fried either with vegetables or on the grill. This animal is also used during fishing (for bait) and in Chinese traditional folk medicine.
However, this worm lives in holes (sand or mud). They dig out U-shaped pits and stay there to live. It is believed that the creature got to the beaches of California because of the weather, which is now raging in the north of the state. Experts say that the "phallic" creatures were washed out of their holes and ended up on the banks of Dreix Beach as a result of recent storms. Now this beach is almost completely covered with pink worms. Outlandish creatures can reach 25 centimeters in length.