Tree house in the forests of Tasmania - Crump Architects Design Bureau created a tree house in the forests of Tasmania, Australia. The triangular design is designed for the two sons of the company's chief architect, who like to spend time there with friends, enjoying the breathtaking surroundings.
The wooden house was built mainly from recycled materials, including some items from the recently destroyed neighborhood car parking. The head of Crump Architects and his family independently thought it over, assembled and modified the project as it progressed.
The interior of the tree house is decorated using Baltic pine wood, it has a wood-burning stove, which creates the atmosphere of a cozy country cottage for outdoor recreation. A roof tilted at an angle of 70 degrees determines the shape of the building, reflects the slope of the site and gives more usable space for children, taking into account the attic. The northeast facade is completely glazed, revealing views and letting in sunlight, and on the south side there is an additional large window with a place for reading and relaxing.
The Crump Treehouse project can be created for children, but its clear forms, durable and natural materials along with glass walls are a mature architecture that emphasizes the universal nature of good design.