Sexy waitresses Hooters - restaurant with half-naked waitresses
Hooters is a trademark of two American private marital (restaurant with half-naked waitresses) chains: Hooters of America, Incorporated (based in Atlanta) and Hooters, Incorporated (based in Clearwater). The name of the restaurant in American English has a double meaning: something that publishes English. "Hoot" (loud beep or owl hoot - hence the owl on the logo), as well as the vulgar name of the female breast.

The target clientele is men, so the waitress is the basis of the restaurant's image. Relating to food service companies, Hooters is not fast food. Although it serves hamburgers and sandwiches, the menu also has chicken wings, a variety of salads and seafood dishes. The restaurant also has a license for the sale of alcoholic beverages. In addition, souvenirs and clothing are sold under the Hooters brand.