A new icebreaker for Russia will be built by a German shipyard, but
What "but .." can be found at the end of the post, and as a matter of fact the topic is what we know.
Today it became known that the icebreaker of project 21900M2 will be built at the German shipyard Pella Sietas GmbH. This order has become the largest in the history of the company.
The total price of the work will amount to 7.5 billion rubles: funds allocated from the federal budget of Russia. The icebreaker should be put into operation in 2024: it will be used by Rosmorport in order to year-round support the work of freezing Far Eastern ports.
The icebreaker of project 21900M2 is an upgraded version of the ship of project 21900. The first of them was put into operation in 2008. In total, five icebreakers of the project 21900 and 21900M were built. The crew of the ship is 35 people. Displacement is 14 thousand tons.
However, it is worth noting that the Pella Sietas GmbH shipyard in Neuenfeld (Hamburg, Germany) is owned by Pella Leningrad Shipyard OJSC.
This is not an ideal situation, but the transfer of the contract for this shipyard is understandable. Production capacities in Russia have long been lacking for the construction of ships, especially of a large displacement. And here there is the opportunity to use Russian enterprises abroad. The
German Sietas Werft (Hamburg) came under the control of Pella Leningrad Shipyard OJSC in 2014. Then Pella officially took over the German company.
Pella planned to invest about 15 million euros in the development of the German shipyard. Supposed