In the Netherlands, built an environmentally friendly office that can be disassembled and reassembled
The new office of the Triodos Bank group of banks in the Netherlands was built in accordance with all principles of environmental sustainability. Wood was used as the main material, more than 165 thousand screws were used for the construction - in the future, instead of demolition, the building can be dismantled to use materials for something new, or reassembled in another place.
The height of the office building is from two to five floors, its shape is selected so as not to disrupt the life of local animals, including bats. A pond was created near the office, from which wild animals and birds can drink water.
Thanks to transparent walls and hatches in the ceiling, the use of artificial lighting is minimized, and the office also consumes geothermal energy. Solar panels in the parking lot charge electric cars and send excess energy into the building. Showers and toilets use rainwater collected from the roof.
Designers - creators of an environmentally friendly office - call their creation the first "temporary bank of materials." Since all the materials used for construction were registered on a public platform called Madaster, which is designed to track materials in an artificial environment and eliminate waste. The "Material Passport" stores even such small details as the size of each wooden beam and the source of silica, which was used for 1280 glass facade panels. When the building is out of date, all of its parts individually can be used elsewhere. According to architects, this is an important step towards a cyclical economy.