In the cultural capital of Indonesia - Jakarta, there is a restaurant where fish will pedicure you while you enjoy local dishes.

Soto Cokro Kembang Restaurant is located far from the city center, originally its only attraction was the flower garden to attract visitors exhausted by city life. Then the idea came up to create a restaurant with fish, no one expected that it would become so popular.
"We initially opened this restaurant only for locals," says owner Nour. "But what is happening now has become like culinary tourism. Many people come here from different cities. "
If you consider that diving in the water ankle-deep with thousands of small fish nibbling your feet is not the most common experience in the world, the popularity of this small restaurant is more than justified.
Shallow ponds were created, filled with 7,000 tilapia Red Nile fish, which are used in spas offering ambiguous fish pedicures.

Although fish pedicure has become very controversial in recent years, as some countries in Europe and America have banned it after reports of bacterial infections and animal abuse, fish pedicure is popular in Asian countries. Therefore, "restaurant + fish pedicure" is a novelty that is of interest to many people come to Soto Kokro Kembang since its opening last year and the flow does not get smaller.