Mel Bernstein, nicknamed Dragon, lives in Colorado and is no worse armed than some not-so-ambitious countries. In his personal collection of more than three thousand weapons from different countries and eras. All this wealth is on display at the Mel Museum in El Paso County. The exposition is popular: the annual income of the museum exceeds half a million dollars.

Mel joined the ranks of collectors back in 1982, when he moved to Colorado and opened an arms store. He received the nickname Dragon because of his fire-breathing motorcycle. On it, he drives through his ranch, where the museum is located.

The museum is called the "Land of the Dragon." There are more than two hundred machine guns there alone. "I don't think anyone else has so many guns," says Mel. "And they are all in working condition."

Mel can assess the condition of the trunks at any time, because he built a shooting range near the house. And a bigger paintball field.

Separate halls in the museum are reserved for arming each country with which the United States fought, starting with the First World War. There are Japanese katanas and German anti-tank rifles.

The museum also has artillery pieces, grenades, ammunition, 80 military vehicles and several hundred mannequins dressed in uniform. The approximate total cost of the collection is ten million dollars.