It's great when lovers have a good sense of humor
The famous pranker from Australia presented his bride with a swimsuit with her face. He motivated an unusual surprise by the fact that he wanted to distract from the beauty with a luxurious figure the attention of men on the beach. The girl was at first shocked by the guy's antics, and then laughed with him. Evaluate for yourself the reaction of the brunette to a strange gift from her future husband.

The comedian guy invented a way to worry less about his girlfriend on the beach. It seems now the s will be attracted not by her bends, but by an eerie swimsuit.

Instagram star from Australia, Pedro Cuccovillo Vitola, gave his fiancee Patty a rather strange surprise. The video in which the girl tries on an unusual swimsuit, he published on his page.

The guy is known for his short funny videos that he uploads on social networks. The page of his girlfriend on Instagram is filled with candid photos in a bikini from relaxing in exotic places

Pedro admitted to his 12,500 subscribers that he was furious that Patty was wearing explicit bikinis, so he decided to give her a "perfect" swimsuit.

On a strange product, a portrait of a young man with a dumb expression is printed.

To make a deep impression, the guy asked the girl to put on a blindfold gift. Unexpectedly for Pedro, Patty first called the swimsuit "disgusting," but then she laughed heartily.

The couple got engaged in September. Vitola made a proposal to her beloved at Tokyo Disneyland.

A new hit from prankster quickly scattered across the network. Users laughed at Pedro's venture and admired the beauty of Patty. The young man's plans are not destined to come true: if a girl puts on a spectacular swimsuit on the beach, she will immediately become the center of attention. For such a beauty you need an and an , so it is better to accompany her, driving away persistent boyfriends.