Interior designer and mother of three children 29-year-old Lucy Rose Jane from Wanaki, New Zealand, first went hunting when she met her partner Sharn. A girl who opposes farm and farm food soon fell in love with prey to feed her family, because such meat is organic and she knows that the animal had a full life.

Lucy and Sharn love nature and go hunting five to eight times a month, where their children are brought: Indy (7 years old), Kahu (4 years old) and Daisy (5 months old).
The family mainly hunts wild pigs, deer, chamois, goats, rabbits and wallabies to fill their freezer.
Lucy estimates that she saves about 150 (about $ 200) a month by hunting animals for meat.

The girl often uploads photos with her booty on Instagram, where not everyone shares her hobbies. Some people write nasty things in the comments and even wish Lucy death.
The mother of three children tries not to pay attention to such wishes.