Model Amanda Nicole Martin does not understand why she is unlucky in love
The American Instagram model Amanda Nicole Martin can be envied by any modern girl. She has a spectacular figure and a million followers, as well as a decent condition. What else to dream about? Of course, about love and principle on a white horse. But Amanda has problems with this.
The American sincerely does not understand why she is so unlucky in her personal life. And through long discussions and nightly thoughts, the girl realized that her beauty and success were to blame for everything. As the model noted, before she was lucky much more.
"My personal life is always a disaster. I am pretty lonely and sexually deprived of much more than when I was an ordinary girl, "says Amanda.
Previously, the girl was a dancer, but thanks to her spectacular appearance, she quickly found success on Instagram. She did not have to wait long to get a million subscribers. But part of the male audience considers the model a classic "kept woman" or "escort girl". Amanda strongly disagrees with such cliches.