5 most common female fears in bed about love, relationships, sex, fears
Each person is afraid of something and often his fears are associated with intimate relationships. Male and female fears in bed are somewhat similar, the only difference is that women are allowed to talk about them.

It is worth remembering that any fear can be overcome and overcome only by joint efforts. Therefore, do not be afraid to talk about them.

Fear of looking ugly or groomed

Absolutely every woman thinks about how she looks in bed. Most often, the culprit of such a preoccupation with appearance is porn movies, where real models are shot. A woman begins to compare herself with them, and in most cases the comparison is not in her favor. Because of this, women are often upset, and they may appear complexes. For example, sex is only in the dark or under the covers, because in the light her body is not perfect enough. In this case, it is worth explaining to the woman that in bed you are not thinking about how she looks. If you like certain moments, for example, when she touches her breasts, then tell her about it.

Recognition of desires

Many girls are afraid to tell in bed about their desires. Someone considers this shameful, someone is afraid of condemnation, and someone is just shy. It is worth remembering that one of the conditions for quality sex is trust. Do not be afraid to talk about your desires, but you need to do this on time. If in the midst of love pleasures, you declare that you want a group sex, then it is hardly worth counting on a pleasant ending to sex. Remember, everything must be on time!

Fear does not satisfy a man

According to statistics, women are much less likely to worry about partner satisfaction than men. Thoughts about the inability to satisfy a man are most often visited by young, inexperienced or insecure women. If, because of this fear, women will come up with new experiments and sophistication, then this is not scary, over time, the fear will pass. But if a woman begins to withdraw into herself, feels weak and refuses to be close because of this, then she already needs to contact a specialist.

Fear of pregnancy

If the previous fears were in the head of a woman, then the fear of pregnancy is quite justified. A woman may not be ready for pregnancy, and therefore, sad thoughts can visit her during sex. Fortunately, overcoming this fear is very easy. Now in the world there are many methods of contraception, and every woman can find the right one for herself.

Fear of contracting sexually transmitted diseases

The fear of contracting sexually transmitted diseases is almost the most common in the modern world. In order to avoid this, you just need to remember about protection and sometimes take tests in the clinic. And of course, promiscuous sexual relationships have not made anyone happy!

Bunny, cat, sweetie: how not to call your man

Probably, every man faced a situation where the second half ceases to call him by name and begins to recall the basics of biology. At such a moment, he can become anyone: a bunny, a cat, a teddy bear, a tiger or a frog. I doubt that he had dreamed about this all his life, but I really do not want to argue with a woman, so he tacitly agrees with this. As a result, pupsics, masks, butuziks and various other fruits of female imagination go around the world.