What projects of Elon Mask are most significant for the modern world and the space industry? What to expect from the Mask in the coming years?

Everyone knows Ilona Mask. Personally - we don't think, but almost everyone heard about it. Elon Musk is a modern scientist, inventor, engineer, entrepreneur. Moreover, he is the billionaire who launched the Falcon Heavy rocket into space. Do you think that this is the only achievement in earnest of a gifted and rich person? No. Ilon is a co-founder of the PayPal payment system, through which you pay for purchases on the Internet. He is both the director of Tesla and a member of the Royal Society of Great Britain (for his contribution to science). Still, of course, appears on the Forbes list in place of successful billionaires. Elon Musk is the man who plans to fly to Mars before 2025 and maybe return back.

1. The idea of ​​creating an electric bus without a driver

The projects of Elon Mask are incredibly technological. So much so that this time he wants to create such a transport system so that the electric buses move independently through the tunnels built for their operation. And, of course, they carried passengers. As a result, Musk plans to create special platforms for landing people in this invention, to which the elevator will lift these electric buses. It was planned to organize about a thousand of such sites with lifting elevators for automatic transport. The sites promise to be built small, with an orientation to the size of the parking space.

2. Projects of Ilona Mask for transporting a person in a capsule

If you want to cover distances more than within the city limits, Musk suggests you move around in a capsule. In fact, yes, we have not mixed up anything. The start of construction of such a transport system may take place in Europe. And its essence is that people will be transported in capsules through vacuum tubes at the speed of an airplane. Ilon wants to create a way to quickly and economically travel long distances. Does the idea of ​​flying in a capsule, say, from New York to Chicago attract you?

3. Creating an electric plane that would take off and land vertically

And more about airplanes. Well, you understand, this is Elon Musk. He intends to create an electric plane that would take off and land vertically. In this case, the landing strip is not needed. Musk is well done, always takes care of saving time, space, money - the most important tools of mankind. In addition, since 2009, Ilon has been talking about such vertical aircraft. Undoubtedly, how it will be implemented - no one knows. However, given the activity, perseverance and ingenuity of the Mask, we will very soon begin to move between cities and countries on electric planes. The projects of Elon Mask do not cease to amaze!

4. Mask plans for developing robot-like people

Elon Musk wants to connect the human brain to a computer so that it works faster and more efficiently. And also in the scientist's plans to learn how to treat brain diseases by introducing implants of small electrodes into it. Mask also has ideas to develop neural interfaces so that in the future people can communicate with each other through a special system, rather than the usual human language. All this is planned to be implemented under the leadership of the startup Neuralink, in whose team the chief engineers and scientists of America. And Elon Musk will become the head of the company, along with SpaceX and Tesla.

5. The idea of ​​flying to Mars with a view to its development and settlement

This idea embodies the most ambitious and incredible dreams. And also joined all the forces and projects of Elon Mask. By the way, he even jokes that this is a great place to meet old age. First, the great inventor of our time plans to launch unmanned missiles on this red ball. All this to explore the flight to the planet, the speed of the ship, landing options and the presence of water. Then he is going to send the Big Falcon Spaceship ship with the necessary supplies and equipment, which will be necessary for further experiments. Moreover, it is planned until 2022. On top of everything else, according to Mask's estimates, the road to Mars will, at best, last a few months. At worst, about a year.

Ilon Musk plans to start populating Mars in 2028. However, the first person may appear on the planet as early as 2025. Is there life on Mars, we will find out with you very soon. However, now it remains to closely monitor the activities of this, in a good sense, crazy man and, possibly, start saving up money for a place in the Mask rocket.