The 10 most dizzying slides in water parks that not everyone dares to go down
This review presents the 10 most dizzying slides in water parks, which not everyone dares to go down.

1. Summit Plummet - a dizzy springboard 37 meters high among the snow drifts (Florida, USA)
Water Park Disney Blizzard Beach is famous for the fact that on its slopes in the middle of a hot summer there is always snow. In addition, the dizzying descent of Summit Plummet is located on its territory. Its height is 37 meters, and the fall speed reaches 97 km / h.

2. Fantastic slide Bulletbowl the size of a 7-storey building (Beijing, China)
The stunning seven-story house Bulletbowl slide is located at the Beijing Water Cube Water Park. Its construction was timed to coincide with the opening of the Olympic Games. But today, this attraction is very popular.

3. Slides made from a Boeing 747 (Oregon, USA)
The Boeing 747 model became part of an indoor water park in Oregon (USA). Two slides pass through the plane and hide in the room.

4. Slide loop "Cyclone" (Canada)
In the Canadian water park World Water Park is a stunning slide "Cyclone", which is made in the form of a loop. Not everyone decides to ride in it.

5. Twister and Speedy - a tandem of fast and long slides in a spa resort (Austria)
At the Austrian spa resort Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg Thermal Spa there are two wonderful slides: Twister and Speedy. Twister is 220 meters long and Speedy is the fastest.

6. Extreme slide in the water park Area 47 in the Alps (Austria)
In the picturesque Austrian Alps there is a beautiful water park Area 47. Among its attractions you can distinguish a tower with slides. Thrill lovers will appreciate the extreme descents.

7. Eight water slides Master Blaster Water Coasters (Dubai)
Dubai's Wild Wadi Waterpark has 8 amazing Master Blaster slides. Thanks to innovative technologies on rubber rings, vacationers can not only go down the hills, but also climb them.

8. Verrückt - the highest hill in the world (Kansas City, USA)
Verrückt translated from German means "crazy." And this slide really lives up to its name. Its height is 51.4 meters (more than Niagara Falls). At the moment, this hill is the highest in the world.

9. The Leap of Faith slide 18 meters high (Bahamas)
At Aquaventure Water Park, you can go down the 18-meter-high slide. Vacationers from the pyramid go straight to the pool with sharks ... of course, through underwater tunnels.

10. Slides leading directly to the sea (Citta del Mare, Italy)
The Citta del Mare has three slides right on the slope. Going down them, you can linger in one of the three pools, or you can slide right into the Mediterranean Sea.