Only 120 yen per night! Just unbelieveble. To make it clear - this is only $ 1.30 for the opportunity to spend the night with relative comfort. Yes, the room is small, there is a mattress to sleep on the floor (that's how everyone in Japan sleeps), a bathroom is on the floor, but it's warm, bright, fresh bed. But there is one caveat.

The fact is that the hotel does not guarantee you privacy. Moreover, when the guest settles into the room, he signs a permit allowing the hotel to broadcast his stay in the room live somewhere on the Internet.

Here is a netbook with a webcam on. He writes only video, without sound, and streams on YouTube. The hotel owners shrug their questions: either settle for a penny without question, or go. But they definitely warn about the camera. The guests themselves decide how to behave in this situation, and what to do in the rooms. Tin or fun?