American Woman Earns $ 10 A Week Selling Bath Water To Customers In Which She Washed, 21-year-old Emily Knight from Los Angeles, USA, has tried many jobs, including a parking lot and a hairdresser, but she was paid too little everywhere. And then she got the idea to sell her photos. At first, the girl was content with little, publishing pictures in swimsuits and underwear. But then she began to receive strange offers, to which Emily decided to agree all the same.

The fans asked the girl to send them the water from the bath in which the girl bathed, as well as her underwear - the fans were interested, of course, already worn. Some asked for photos and videos of her feet, but what surprised Emily most was something else. Often, subscribers asked to send a video of the model sleeping. He just sleeps - in clothes and under a blanket. As the girl admitted, this service became her favorite, which is not surprising at all.

Thanks to her videos and photos, Emily earns about 10 thousand dollars a week and does not plan to stop. Previously, she had to agree to any job for a penny, but now she can afford luxurious things. In addition, the girl does not think that she is doing something shameful.

"The fact that I am considered hot is cool! I feel very strong. Millions of men around the world admire me and are willing to pay me money - this raises self-esteem instantly," - says Emily Knight.