The story of one photograph: Internet creator Berners-Lee against the backdrop of the very first website in history, 1991
By the way, that very first site is still working.

Even a tear is welling up at one glance at the screen. If now all sites suddenly became the same!
Tim Berners-Lee is a Londoner, not just some Californian, as is usually the case when it comes to legendary IT people. His parents were also from mathematics and worked on the creation of primitive British computers.
Their son became famous for inventing and implementing such nowadays mundane things as URL, HTTP, HTML. You, too, probably dreamed someday to become the world's first inventor of DUMDUM, EEE and TARARAM. But you didn't, but he did, we all envy him very much!
The picture was taken in 1991 in Geneva, where Tim Berners-Lee worked at the CERN laboratory. In the photo he is only 36 years old. (This is how all 36-year-olds looked in those years.) Since 1984, he has been developing absolutely innovative software for CERN.
For convenient storage, display and exchange of data, Tim and his team came up with fundamentally new software protocols, they made it possible to transfer and demonstrate materials with hyperlinks. In fact, they invented what the Internet will look like for years to come. The idea was born in 1989 and was approved by the authorities.
The first browser was named WorldWideWeb and was soon renamed Nexus. On August 6, 1991, the first ever website was located at It described what and how you can do on the Internet, as well as what other websites exist on the Web.
Go there, and to this day you can feel the atmosphere of the early days, when Tim Berners-Lee hammered everything into HTML with his pens.