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Thread: Whmcs V7 7 1 Nulled & Callbacks Removed

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    Whmcs V7 7 1 Nulled & Callbacks Removed

    WHMCS v7.7.1 Nulled & Callbacks Removed
    We are pleased to announce the release of WHMCS 7.7.1.
    This is a maintenance update that contains bug fixes and usability improvements.

    CORE-13080 - Update WHOIS server for .vc, .vg, .tc
    CORE-13081 - Improve jQuery selector used by stripe.js for better template compatibility
    CORE-13102 - Correct logic for re-verification of client email on admin change
    CORE-13105 - Correct ticket attachment aggregation utilized for storage migration
    CORE-13106 - Ensure Custom Invoice Numbering is applied to all created invoices
    CORE-13107 - Improve file migration error display
    CORE-13116 - Correct tax rate inconsistency on new invoices
    CORE-13119 - Correct due date assignment on manually generated invoices
    CORE-13120 - Improve SSL certificate validity detection
    CORE-13124 - Correct same-directory name collisions for analyzed storage configuration settings
    CORE-13127 - Update WHOIS server for .ch
    CORE-13131 - Prevent DOM error in Chrome for activating a payment gateway
    CORE-13132 - Ensure Predefined Products can be applied to quotes
    CORE-13134 - Improve UX for invalidated storage configurations
    CORE-13141 - Correct captcha validation for ticket form submissions
    CORE-13143 - Prevent PDO exception when sorting by Service Addon name
    CORE-13144 - Correct goto parameter usage when authenticating via AutoAuth
    CORE-13145 - Correct application of login captcha settings for AutoAuth authentications
    CORE-13146 - Correct ordering of service list on tickets
    CORE-13149 - Optimize and improve resilence of queries in SSL Sync cron task
    Also known as: CORE-13147
    CORE-13151 - Prevent widget minimization from affecting layout location
    CORE-13152 - Correct missing details in Setup Advance Mode for CodeGuard
    CORE-13158 - Correct display of attachment not found error when sending templated email
    CORE-13177 - Correct custom module categorization in Apps and Integrations
    CORE-13179 - Correct view construction for Client > Service Addons and Client > Domain Registrations pages
    CORE-13181 - Update WHOIS server for .ca
    CORE-13186 - Ensure admin area addons search returns appropriate results
    CORE-13189 - Correct error when attempting to generate PDF invoices using dejavusans font
    CORE-13140 - Correct compatibility issue with automatic updates in PHP 7.3

    PMA-136 - Correct trigger for invoice data snapshot generation
    Also known as: CORE-13121, CORE-13122, CORE-13139
    PMA-137 - Provide fallback logic for environments which cannot detect browser-viewable attachment content

    MODULE-6598 - Ensure Nominet shows TAG Change option when AllowClientTAGChange is enabled on module settings
    MODULE-6949 - Correct invoice payment record for non-hosting with 2CO Inline
    MODULE-6957 - Correct admin area JS error trigged by subscription cancellation associated with 2CO
    MODULE-6961 - Assert required format of CA postal codes with Namecheap API
    MODULE-6962 - Update fallback logic to account for inconsistent PayPal transitory subscription id schema
    MODULE-6965 - Add support for Payments Cancelled events with GoCardless
    MODULE-6966 - Ensure CodeGuard services show in Manage dropdown of client area
    MODULE-6967 - Ensure Existing Domain addon selection is limited to applicable products
    MODULE-6969 - Correct tax application for overdue or custom invoices with 2CO
    MODULE-6971 - Prevent error for completed transaction with PayJunction
    MODULE-6972 - Correct Disk Space value of Professional plan on CodeGuard Upgrade page
    CORE-13078 - Update Slack logo
    CORE-13172 - Prevent error when performing delete on release via Nominet

    CORE-13101 - Return replyid in replies data of GetTicket API
    CORE-13138 - Ensure currency data is provided in response of GetInvoices API
    Also known as: CORE-13047

    CORE-12832 - Update client Italian translation
    CORE-12987 - Update client Hebrew translation
    CORE-13085 - Correct client German translation
    CORE-13118 - Update Hungarian translations

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Whmcs V7 7 1 Nulled & Callbacks Removed

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