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Thread: Torrent Request Rules and Guide

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    Torrent Request Rules and Guide


    Torrent request area welcome you to read Torrent Request Rules and Guide for your help. You are request to follow these mentioned guide in detail to get your stuff in torrent method from our own dedicated torrent server.

    • Make sure you have Premium or Lifetime membership on Community.
    • Request your stuff with proper details of your desired stuff.
    • Requested torrents will be provided with magnet link which can be used to download torrent, any torrent client can be used for our torrents. If you face any issues report to us.
    • Requested torrents will be seeded for 3 days, after that it will be removed from our system by manually & your topic status will be changed.
    • Requested torrents topic once fulfilled and provided you a magnet link to download will be cover up with a caution message about Reply to see content. Just give a Reply to your topic and see torrent magnet link to download your stuff.
    • There is no restriction about stuff, you may ask any stuff about Applications, Games, Movies, TV Shows, Ebooks etc. i.e.
    • Incase your required stuff not found on internet, your topic will remain open until it will be provided.
    • Once you download the required stuff, while changing your topic status it will also be moved into other section.
    • One user can request 2 torrents per week.
    • You does not need to seed downloaded torrent from us.
    • Make sure you have good internet connection to download torrent with good speed. we seed our torrents with 100Mbps speed.

    Updated on Sep-2021.

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Torrent Request Rules and Guide

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