Hi All,
I have used SEEDBOXBAY seedbox last week, and found them insecure and waste of time with money. I am writing this just because in the interest of users who wants to use seedbox for torrents, if you ever like to buy any seedbox just read out reviews of the website which is providing that service.
I have seen rTorrent and RuTorrent Application is mentioned on their portal, when i ordered that product and tried to use, i've found issues in their seexbox.
  1. speed is not impressive
  2. server of seexbox is took too long to open.
  3. getting issue while loading torrent on their seedbox
  4. torrents was not worked from public trackers, like Piratesbay, and others
  5. Private torrents was not worked in first 10 attempts, if you leave it for several hours it might pick it.
  6. found rtorrent have issues to download torrents due to incompatible server ports or something else.

after one day of working i have stopped using their services, and happy to get rid of them. please share good seedbox's experiences here and reviews about other companies you have used before.