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Thread: - $50 All Countries, Unlimited IP count, No Pop-Ads. (Only Adsense)

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    Germany Flag - $40 All Countries, Unlimited IP count, No Pop-Ads. (Only Adsense)

    Greetings to members, administrators and visitors of this forum

    We are happy to share our service with you.

    UploadShip is file hosting platform, that has been launched with high resources, and high, fast quality, services and servers, also with clean ads, no pop-ads.

    -Image Viewer.
    -Media Player ( Video/Audio ).
    -Fast Payout.
    -High Quality Speed.
    -Big Storage.
    -Easy to Use.
    -Clean ads.
    -No Pop-Ads.
    -Safe, Secure.
    -No Scam (Never!!!)

    Earning Money:

    PPD: Fixed rates for all coutries.

    1_High rates ($50 - 10000 downloads All Countries)
    2_Unlimited IP count
    3_Fair, Safe, High quality counting system.

    PPS: %25 Per Sale.

    You will get instantly 25% from any sale, renew or whatever even if you don't use your referral code ;)
    Even if someone bought account while downloading your files.

    Check the full rewards page and read it carefully here:
    Make Money - UploadShip

    Premium Accounts:

    -Storage Space: Unlimited, you can upload anything you want - ( Also We Offer 1 TB For FREE Accounts ) .
    -Files Storage Time: For Ever, We will not remove your files.
    -Multi-File upload: You can upload multiple files, up to 5000 file at once.
    -Uploads Per Day: Unlimited uploads 24/7.
    -Per File Size: 100GB each file.
    -Advertisement: No Ads You will not see any ads.
    -Download time: No need to wait, Instant downloads.

    *** We have high premium prices because we are not using any pop ads, or any spam ads, we are using only Adsense.
    Also we are offering high Fixed PPD rate with UNLIMITED Everything .

    Check our Plans:
    Upgrade Account - UploadShip

    Free Premiums:
    We are offering a free premium accounts without PPD earnings.
    If you are not interested with our PPD system, and you don't want to earn money with
    the downloads, we are offering a free premium accounts, just contact us. ;)


    Withdrawal Methods: You can request any withdrawal method you like, (Min - $5.)
    Payment Methods: You can pay with PayPal and BitCoin for auto activate, or you can request another payment method by contacting us.

    Contact Details:
    1_Contact form. >
    2_Live chat.> On Website.
    3_Wjunction. > Here or PM
    4_SkyPe. > uploadshipfh
    5_Facebook. >

    Please read the Terms carefully.


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    Are you sure about minimum withdrawal amount $5?


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